Baby Milk and Weaning

All the bottles and teats needed for a baby’s session at the Nursery should be provided by the parents. They must be clearly named and will be stored for use throughout the day.

We provide baby milk, and use Hipp Organic formula milk. If your child has an intolerance to cow’s milk, (or any other intolerance becomes apparent to you at home during the weaning process) please let us know, we have a lot of experience with children with various intolerances, and will work with you to manage the situation. If your baby shows any adverse reaction to a new food, while at the Nursery, we will keep you updated.

When babies are weaning, we work with parents during the process to make sure the correct number of new tastes are being slowly introduced. We encourage babies to try a wide variety of flavours and textures; almost all babies enjoy experimenting – although often they will go through phases of refusing a food they couldn’t get enough of the previous week! Meals are prepared at the Nursery by the Cook, and prepared to meet individual baby needs (whizzed, lumpy etc). Take a look at our Cooking Guidelines to find out more.

The babies follow the same menu as the older children.